Geographic Information System (GIS) and drones unlock new perspectives on the Earth we live in. Discover the power of spatial insights and explore the world from above at our cutting-edge drone mapping and GIS lab. Join us where education and research converge to harness the latest geospatial technology.

Drone for Coastal

Collaborative research using UAV to investigate eelgrass wasting disease

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Drone for Wildfire

Use multi-sensor remote sensing and drone mapping for modeling California wildfires

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Drone for Education

Empower STEM education with drones and GIS - Inspiring the next generation of scientists

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Other Drone Mapping Projects

Browse more drone mapping projects, including mapping of an African American village, the Florida coastal area, hydrology BMP management, and the Serpent Mound archaeological site.

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Urban Heat and Urban Transporation

We use thermal remote sensing and the urban heat budget to isolate and quantify the transportation impact on urban heat and climate change.

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Crime Prediction and Spatial Statistics

We develop a novel geostatistical technique to integrate historical crime data and urban transitional zones identified from the VIIRS nightlight imagery for more accurate crime prediction.


ST-Cokriging and Image Fusion/Assimilation

We develop a spatio-temporal Cokriging (ST-Cokriging) method for assimilating multi-sensor remote sensing data that optimally determines parameters by accounting for spatio-temporal covariance. This method yields more reliable assimilation results than previous methods, effectively filling data gaps while providing quantitative uncertainty estimates.

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Contact: San Jose State University - Department of Urban & Regional Planning, 1 Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192