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Drone mapping the Florida Coastal

Field trials of the multispectral UAV mapping were conducted over the Indian River Lagoon along the central Atlantic coast of Florida with Ground Control Points (GCPs), allowing for comparison to geo-referenced satellite and aerial imagery. Multi-spectral satellite imagery (Sentinel-2) was also obtained for the same region to map land cover. NDVI and object-oriented classification methods were employed to compare the mapping capabilities of UAVs and satellites.

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Mapping Joe minters Afirican American Village

The application of advanced technology to document and preserve an art installation demonstrated through the mapping and digital documentation of artist Joe Minter work. Minter, a found-object artist in Birmingham, has constructed a collection entitled African Village in America around his home in Birmingham, Alabama, which narrates his life story and cultural movement. Previously, visitors were required to view the monumental environment in person, but the digital rendering will make it accessible to a wider audience

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Drone for Hydological BML Management

SAVI’s drone workshop covers several aspects, including assessing participants and providing training in drone operations, preparing, planning, and realizing flights, discussing airspace regulations, processing and analyzing imagery, and managing data. Trainees are assigned self-study tutorials to promote continued learning for drone mapping. The training program consists of five sections that are implemented in the field and a post-training self-study guide to prepare participants for the FAA Part 107 examination. (Free for SJSU students)

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Drone Mapping the OH Serpent Mound

mutually rewarding partnerships with K-12 science teachers, transferring their experience in cutting-edge research to classroom content with broader impacts. I collaborate with teachers during fieldwork activities and assist in developing science lessons that utilize fieldwork data and drone mapping principles to promote inquiry-based learning with students.

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